On Ideas

How many times have we heard this:

"I'm telling you, this app will be awesome. It's my idea, but you have to build it, so I'll give you 50%."

Last I checked, 50% of nothing is still nothing.

It's kind of funny to think about it now, but I used to be on the I have an idea side of this ill-concieved proposition.

It's part of why I learned to write code in there first place.

It's why I can only laugh and shake my head when someone would hear I could write code then pitch me on a social network for people who buy groceries (It will be bigger than Facebook, Taylor!)

Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to put down the would-be CEO in this situation.

I think ideation is valuable.

Not every idea is good, but it's good to have ideas.

It's just more important to do something about the idea.

I suppose that pitching someone to build that synergy disrupting app kind of counts toward doing something, but it's definitely worth less points on the actionometer.

Learning to write code is like learning to sew or smith. It gives you a means by which to turn your idea into something (Now with 90% less poking and burning!)

Sharing the results of actions that came from ideas has had a profound effect on my life, as I'm sure it has for yours. Which is to say your actions and life, but you knew what I meant.

"But how do I come up with ideas?"

I've got some ideas about that...

Until next time,